Redacted Final Reports

Compliance Number Date Received Date Completed Investigation Summary of Findings Case Status
#1-2019 02/05/2019 02/11/2019 Contract #66-2018 - FTI Consulting Inc. to do Inventory & Evaluation of Town Building Dept (Not being the lowest bidder) Not Compliant due to:
  1. Proposal Expired
  2. Scoring Sheets not properly prepared
  3. Subcontractor use needs clarification
Sent out for new Bid
#2-2019 02/05/2019 03/04/2019 Case #30054 - Consulting Agreement to Mary Suzanne McKenna Clifford for reviewing Camp Anchor Plans, Policies, and Procedures A manual condensing all protocols and procedures required by New York State, U.S. Government, County of Nassau and the Town of Hempstead would be an asset to Camp Anchor's operation. This was the only bid received and found to be Compliant Unknown
#3-2019 02/13/2019 02/13/2019 Formal Bid 03-2019 - Request by IT Department to review rejection of lowest bidder for HPE Hyper Coverage Solution Lowest bidder was continually unavailable to discuss bid. In the process of setting up a meeting to discuss the bid the bidder admitted he made several mistacks in the bid. The bidder asked if he could re-submit the bid after the bidding was closed. The bidder was told the bidding was closed and his bid would have to be rejected. Closed - next lowest bidder accepted
#4-2019 02/26/2019 03/05/2019 Contract #11-2019 Armed Guard Service used to transport Town monies from several locations Review Requested by TOH Board Questions as to carrying town as additionally insured on carriers car insurance. Number of Armed Guards need was in question. Clarity in RFP not specific Continue with temporary service and send out new RFP for bid.
#5-2019 02/12/2019 02/12/2019 Requested review of websites used by vendors who may bid on supplying TOH with Natural Gas Websites of all companies reviewed and appear legitimate and compliant. Review only - no action necessary at this time
#6-2019 03/06/2019 03/06/2019 Requested by Dept. of Parks to review agreement for Pyro Engineering Inc DBA Volt Live for Firewords Display Agreement is for a limited field of expertise and falls well with in Town of Hempstead guidelines Compliant
#7-2019 03/07/2019 03/07/2019 Requested by Information Technology review proposal by Saturn Business Systems to install new computer parts NYS Contract #PM20850 NYS General Services Procurement Services of Information Technology Umbrella Contracts under Group 73600 & Award 22802 pending Still under investigation
#8-2019 04/10/2019 - Affidavit of Complaint pending Still under investigation
#9-2019 04/03/2019 04/03/2019 Telephone Repair Contract review requested by Parks and Recreations -Contract #13 A 2019 Telephone Consulting Services of LI Corp registered in NYS. Compliant
#10-2019 04/08/2019 04/08/2019 Review of spread sheets at Purchasing Dept. concerning TOH Copy Machines Spread sheets in order - no abnormalities Compliant
#11-2019 04/08/2019 04/10/2019 Complaint that awardee of Contract 53-2019 did not meet requirements of experience and did not have proper reference list Experience was verified and reference list was forwarded at the time specified in RFP Compliant
#12-2019 04/10/2019 04/10/2019 Meeting with Parks and Recreations concerning vendors for TOH Festival by the Sea 9/21 to 9/23 Discssion on price variation with Parks & Recreations Decision to be sent out for Bid
#13-2019 04/10/2019 04/10/2019 Review requested of Cameron Engineering Associates Amendment Review completed Compliant from material produced
#14-2019 04/14/2019 04/14/2019 Review potential Resolution for TOH to purchase used 2006 Chevr from N.Merrick FD for $2,500. to by used by TOH Emergency Services Division Past Practice of these type minimal purchases have been approved. Compliant to TOH rules
#15-2019 04/15/2019 04/16/2019 I requested results of Contract 50-2019. Operational Assessment of the Town Building Department (Prior contract 66-2018 found not compliant). Matrix Consulting Group the only proposal received. Company not located or registered to do business in New York State. Proposal received was not in Compliance with RFP
#16-2019 04/15/2019 04/22/2019 I requested results of Contract 57-2019. Armed Guard Services for TOH Locations. (Prior contract 11-2019 found not compliant) Dandridge & Associates were the lowest qualified bid and was compliant with the RFP. Dandridge & Associates were compliant Compliant - Dandridge & Associates Compliant
#17-2019 04/22/2019 04/26/2019 I received Contract #22-2019 through inter department mail from TOH Supervisors office for review - analysis and Audit of Cell Tower Lease Payments & Telecommunication System Right of Way License Payments Three Proposal were received and XG Communities received the highest point total & was choice of contract. XG Communities is not located and is not registered to do business in New York State Not Compliant with RFP
#18-2019 04/29/2019 04/30/2019 Received request to review Contract 39-2019. Repair Services for Commercial Grade Turf Equipment from Parks and Recreation All Island Equipment was the only bid received and is located and licensed to do business in in New York State Compliant
#19-2019 04/29/2019 04/30/2019 Received request to review Contract #46-2019 Beach Equipment and Non-Motorized Water Sports Equipment from TOH Parks & Recreation Beach Comfort Inc. was the only bid received and is located and licensed to do business in New York State Compliant