Redacted Semiannual Reports

Compliance Number Date Received Date Completed Investigation Summary of Findings Case Status
#1-2019 2/5/2019 2/11/2019 Contract #66-2018 - FTI Consulting Inc. to do Inventory & Evaluation of Town Building Dept (Not being the lowest bidder) Not Compliant due to:
  1. Proposal Expired
  2. Scoring Sheets not properly prepared
  3. Subcontractor use needs clarification
Sent out for new Bid
#2-2019 2/5/2019 3/4/2019 Case #30054 - Consulting Agreement to Mary Suzanne McKenna Clifford for reviewing Camp Anchor Plans, Policies and Procedures A manual condensing all protocols and procedures required by New York State, U.S. Government, County of Nassau and the Town of Hempstead would be an asset to Camp Anchor's operation. This was the only bid received and found to be Compliant Unknown